About 3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease

The 3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease is a long-lasting lubricant that sprays on evenly as a liquid and sets dry, leaving a thick coating behind. It’s a hardy, water-resistant formula that protects metals from rust in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to 140 degrees Celsius. 


What does the 3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease do?

Our White Lithium Grease provides enhanced lubrication and reduces friction and wear in places where there is metal-to-metal contact. It’s non-drip too and because it doesn’t run, melt, wash off or freeze, our product can be used indoors and outdoors – so wherever you choose to use it, you can enjoy optimal results every time.  Find out more here.


How do you use 3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease?

Our White Lithium Grease Spray comes in an aerosol can, making it quick to apply. It also comes with a red precision straw, so you can pinpoint difficult to reach areas with ease.  


What can I use 3-IN-ONE White Lithium Grease on?


You can use White Lithium Grease on: hinges, latches, gates, bearings, brake systems, sliding doors, hand and power tools, and much more. 

Top 3 White Lithium Grease usages: 

  1. Cleaning wheelbarrows 
  2. Protecting tools from rust 
  3. Maintaining sheds 


More about 3-IN-ONE

Make everyday maintenance easy, pop our White Lithium Grease in your cupboard or toolbox.