About 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray


The 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray provides superior lubrication and protects against corrosion. Plus, it’s a fast-drying formula that won’t make a mess. It’s also safe to use on a wide range of surfaces like metal, rubber, wood and vinyl, and it even protects electrical parts. It’s perfect for use in damp environments. And, if you’re in the food industry, you’ll be glad to know that it’s NSF H2 certified, making it safe to use in areas related to food production. 


What does the 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray do?

Our 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray won’t stain, attract dust or dirt, and it creates an excellent water-resistant seal to protect against moisture, making it ideal for mould release. It can help prevent rubber and plastic parts and surfaces from cracking, splitting or aging. It’s also perfect for reducing friction, wear and tear on tools, parts, and equipment while also stopping rust or corrosion from forming.  


How do you use 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray?

The 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray is ever so simple to use, it comes in an easy-to-handle can and has a red directional straw to help guide the formula into even the smallest of spaces. 

  • Either spray directly or apply the red straw for a pin-point precision application 
  • Wipe away to clean 


What can I use 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray on?

Use on sliding rails, uPVC windows and doors, curtain rails, bearings, hinges, catches, valves, runners, levers, pulleys, sports equipment and much more! 

Top 3 Silicone usages: 

  1. Lubricate a sliding door track  
  2. Lubricate uPVC window mechanisms  
  3. Clean secateurs 


More about 3-IN-ONE

Discover more about the 3-IN-ONE range. Whatever your maintenance requirements, we offer a wide selection to suit every individual. Make household tasks simple and equip yourself with products from the 3-IN-ONE range! Browse our Amazon store or find 3-IN-ONE at one of our local stockists!